Overview of Wine Korea

Filled Korea sweetness in Korea wine, WINE KOREA

We started to make wines in Yeongdong, located in middle inland of Korea, famous for fruit.

In the end of 1990’s, local farmers experienced instable market prices of fruits and blocks of domestic demand market in depression of economy. We tried to overcome the hard time by establishing an agriculture association to make local wines. WINE KOREA CORPORATION has run by founder of WINE KOREA, major stockholders, and hundreds of farmer-stockholders.

From grape harvest to production, bottling and storage, whole process is managed by us. It is possible to feel how we can make wine in high quality and how Korea local wine is different. We have been making wine, Chateau Mani, from at the foot of Mani mountain. There are Red Dry, Red Sweet, White Semi-dry, Nuovo, Ice wine and other type of wines. We also make beverages for health, utilizing local fruits. We keep developing wine products for customers to enjoy wines easily and conveniently. Over 50 thousands people visit our winery in a year to enjoy wine and related experience. Wine theme train, departing from Seoul, has come WINE KOREA for 10 years.

When you come to WINE KOREA, you can enjoy wine foot bathing, tasting wines and experience various activities with fruity wines. There are wine gallery, wine cellar and oak storage to look around. Winery guide tour (over 10 people) is available if making a reservation in advance. You will be rejuvenated with wine foot bath. On late of Aug, grapes harvest season, you can pick grapes directly and enjoy it. Café has coffee & tea and restaurants has BBQ & other menu to enjoy wines much better. Wine shop is open to see and take various wines, and other local specialties.

We are always welcome you and hope you could have wonderful experience in here. If you need any other information more, please send an email to or call to +82-43-744-3211. Thank you.


Address : Wine Korea, 662, Yeongdonghwanggan-ro, Yeongdong-eup, Yeongdong-gun, Chungbuk (29127) Tel : +82-744-3211 (TUE-SAT : 09am-18pm/ please check other dates if you want to come)